Seattle Web Site Mistakes Port Orchard for Bremerton

It’s a common error. People hear “Bremerton” and they think “Kitsap County.” Hence the persistent perception that we are still the Bremerton Sun.

Check out the Seattle Web site urbanspoon, where Bert Chadwick gives the Koi Bistro a thumbs up in his “I Won’t Carp About Koi Bistro” post. Chadwick writes,”Koi Bistro is one of those that have taken the shell of a failed restaurant (Baja Outpost) and moved in like a hermit crab .” The site clearly lists the restaurant on Piperberry Way in “Port Orchard” under the heading of “Bremerton,” linking to a list of that city’s restaurants.

And check out the Stimulus Watch Web site, where you can browse by state/city. You’ll see the only Kitsap city listed is Bremerton. Well now doesn’t that make the rest of us feel special?

No doubt this is why writers of the Bremerton Beat have such a hard time getting over themselves. I was on vacation when typically mild-mannered Editor David Nelson became intoxicated with power and put Port Orchard back on notice.

Let me spell it out for those of you who can’t tell Port Orchard from Bremerton.

Bremerton, population 37,259 … Port Orchard, 8,500 (soon to be @10,000)

Bremerton, north of Sinclair Inlet … Port Orchard, south of Sinclair Inlet

Bremerton, medium-sized waterfront urban center with semi-deserted streets … Port Orchard, potentially charming waterfront village with semi-deserted streets

Bremerton, annexing the South Kitsap Industrial Area (effective April 1)

Port Orchard, annexing McCormick Woods (finalization expected in early August)

Bremerton: Wants to provide sewer to SKIA. The city is building a sewer line through Gorst that could be extended out to the SKIA area.

Port Orchard: Wants to provide sewer to SKIA. The city’s recently approved comprehensive plan update shows that the city plans to extend a sewer line out through the McCormick Woods/Sunnyslope area with the potential to serve SKIA. Bremerton challenged Port Orchard’s comp plan before the Kitsap County Boundary Review Board. The dispute between the two cities over Port Orchard’s plans to sewer SKIA have not been resolved.

Does that mean that all this rivalry between the two cities is about sewer line envy?

4 thoughts on “Seattle Web Site Mistakes Port Orchard for Bremerton

  1. Sewer line envy? That or content envy seems about right.
    Too bad PO doesn’t focus on the businesses downtown to give people a reason to visit.
    Change the shacks and businesses downtown – few tourists need bail bondsmen.
    Give visitors a reason to add PO to their adgenda, also the charming ferry ride from Brem to PO.
    In my opinion… Sharon O’Hara

  2. The urbanspoon website has Mor Mor, Molly Ward Gardens, Finn Hill Java Works and the Keyport Mercantile under Bainbridge Island, too. Why list all of the cities in Kitsap, when they can get by with just two?

  3. Most cities don’t want to deal with anyone’s crap, port orchard and bremerton are FIGHTING over who GETS to deal with their crap….weird.

    Ironically, I can hit the sewer line with a rock from my property but have to put in a septic because I’m not in the official area of coverage. You’d think they’d focus on getting everything near the city first and then worry about expanding later.

  4. Glitch177k
    Be careful what you wish for…re: private septic v city sewage collection.

    We once lived within a city limits, on city water but had our own septic system.

    All was well until the city realized their utility system was close to total collapse and began repair, updating and replacement. The money had to come from somewhere…and charged accordingly to the vocal dismay of the residents.

    Our city water bill went sky high but the cost of sewer for residents raised itself out of sight. We were grateful for our septic system…in those days a standard system.
    Sharon O’Hara

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