McWoods Annexation: For the Record

For the Record
As the McCormick Woods annexation committee continues to gather signatures on the petition to make McWoods part of the City of Port Orchard, I feel the need to address the suggestion made more than once by the person who uses the screen name “Gumshoe” that I have a conflict of interest in reporting on this subject because I am a resident of McCormick Woods.

I’ve previously addressed (comments 13 and 22) whether I can fairly and accurately report on the community where I live, shop, play in the parks, pay bills and where my children attend school.

Gumshoe says that my right to “vote” in the annexation process contributes to the conflict.

Signing the petition is a “yes” vote. Not signing is a “no” vote. So there is no way for me to abstain on this issue.

Because of my position as South Kitsap reporter and my role in covering the annexation, my husband, Michael, and I will refrain from taking any action on the petition. The threshold for acceptance is 75 percent, and the committee already has roughly 50 percent approval. It appears that the committee will meet its goal before the six month time limit expires.

In the extremely unlikely even that our property, valued at $379,120, becomes the pivotal property out of the roughly $256 million required to certify the annexation, we will re-evaluate the situation and act as our conscience dictates.
Chris Henry, SK reporter

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