PO Hearing Examiner to Review Blackjack Creek Subdivision

Here is the agenda for the City of Port Orchard hearing examiner meeting at 10 a.m. Thursday at City Hall. The subject will be a proposed project to put 45 lots for single-family homes on two parcels totaling 7.28 acres off Sherman Ave. Information: (360) 876-4407

Agenda Item # 1 10:00 AM Blackjack Creek Residential Subdivision/PRD Case No. SUBDIV 08-01 Description: The applicant requests approval of the Preliminary Plat of “Blackjack Creek Residential PRD/Plat,” which would subdivide the subject property into 45 lots. The site, which is comprised of two (2) tax parcels, contains approximately 7.28 acres after the associated boundary line adjustment. The proposed development will consist of single-family detached dwellings. The completed project will provide an average lot size of approximately 7,052 Square Feet Square feet and a minimum lot size of 4,445 square feet. The project will create a density of approximately 6.18 dwelling units per acre. Access to the subdivision is proposed via Sherman Avenue. Agenda Item # 2 Immediately following conclusion public hearing for SUB08-01 Blackjack Creek Residential Subdivision/PRD Variance Case No. V-1189 Description: The proposal is for a variance to allow the primary access road into the plat (Sherman Avenue) to be improved to a total width of 20 feet in place of the requirements found in City Council Resolution No. 1971 for “Access” road. This Variance if approved would facilitate the development of the concurrently requested preliminary plat of Blackjack Creek Residential Subdivision/PRD, Preliminary Plat, File No. SUBDIV 08-01

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