Stop the Presses: Proof Bigfoot Exists

Ain’t e-mail great? This from my in box today, a press release from Reality Films:

Bigfoot/Sasquatch Truly Exists, Says Team of Explorers

Foresthill, CA, Nov 10, 2008 – Reality Films announces the November 15th DVD release of two

new documentary films chronicling groundbreaking discoveries in both cryptozoology and

ancient knowledge.

The Wildman of Kentucky: the Mystery of Panther Rock: A team of explorers investigating a

rash of Bigfoot sightings encounter a mysterious creature and strange phenomena during an

expedition into the area known in Kentucky lore as “The Frazier Land.” Indian legend refers to

the area as, “The dark and bloody ground.” After documenting a series of unexplainable

sightings and chilling experiences by area residents, the team set out on a multi-night expedition

that deeply affected several of the crew members.

This team of paranormal explorers not only encountered a mysterious creature while on

expedition in Kentucky, but also observed anomalous lights and other phenomena in the dense

Kentucky forest. “It was as if it was toying with us,” says team leader Philip Spencer. “It could

traverse dense brush and move long distances like a ghost. As soon as we gained position on it, it

would flank us from the rear, it was very unnerving and I must admit, rattled a crew of grown

men as we realized that we were in the middle of nowhere with this very real situation.” This

expedition resulted in The Wildman of Kentucky: the Mystery of Panther Rock, a documentary

film from Reality Entertainment. This two hour film takes the viewer on the investigative team’s

journey and features eyewitness testimony of Bigfoot sightings throughout Anderson County,


The Viking Serpent, Secrets of the Celtic Church of Norway, Their Serpent Worship and Sacred

Pentagram Geometry: What do the three most evil symbols for Christianity (the number 666,

the pentagram, and the snake) have in common? Quite possibly one of the most amazing and

important discoveries of all time. In this unprecedented film, The Viking Serpent, authors Harald

Boehlke and Philip Gardiner reveal a startling discovery of ancient knowledge encoded into the

vast landscape of the region.

“The scope of this discovery is on par with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Wall of

China,” says Gardiner, a best selling author on esoteric subjects. Boehlke adds, “For centuries,

we were led to believe that pentagrams, 666 and other symbolism was evil, but what this really

tells us is that ancient knowledge has actually been hidden under the guise of something Satanic

or nefarious to conceal its true purpose and meaning. Now we have the opportunity to set the

record straight.”

The Viking Serpent reveals an ancient and incredible legacy placed upon the landscape of

Norway. While journeying to key places along Norway’s breathtaking landscape, this film

delves into the heart of ancient serpent worship, while unraveling the sacred language of our

ancestors. See Norway’s amazing Stav churches up close; walk with us along the sacred

pathways of the Celtic Church and discover their unique and amazing symbolic devices. Journey

by boat to the Holy Island and enter a landscape virtually untouched by the ravages of time.

Me again: So what do you think? Has anyone out there has a brush with something untoward in the woods?

2 thoughts on “Stop the Presses: Proof Bigfoot Exists

  1. I always find it interesting when someone makes themselves vulnerable in an effort to understand and be understood, how some people choose that moment to pounce. I guess it’s just human nature.

  2. “Has anyone out there has a brush with something untoward in the woods?”


    The toilet was perched on a ridge high in the Cascades and barely seen from the trail. It beckoned the rider to stop and sit a moment.

    She dismounted, arranged herself on the toilet seat and gazed out over space to the far away ridge and distant but barely visible trail. She glimpsed the switchbacks on the north side of the rugged valley extend up and over the ridge.

    The rider felt the magic of the moment. She was seated on a toilet just off the trail, a day and a half from the trailhead. She sat hugged by the surrounding mountains yet nothing before her but space.

    She felt eyes staring and tightened the fingers of her left hand around Wixi’s lead rope. Her horse nickered softly.

    The toilet was one of many untoward and unforgettable moments in the woods.
    Sharon O’Hara

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