Coming Up This Week in Port Orchard

Tuesday: 7 p.m. at City Hall, The Port Orchard City Council will vote on establishing a storm water utility. This is one of many steps the city must take to comply with state Department of Ecology regulations regarding storm water treatment. Fees will not be established until early 2009. Port Orchard is not alone; all cities and counties in the state must comply with regulations now coming into effect. The article linked above addresses discussion on fees so far.

The council on Tuesday will also designate a preferred location for a future parking garage. The city has many hurdles to cover  – mainly how to pay for the facility – before any construction on a garage could begin.

Wednesday: 7 p.m. at McCormick Woods clubhouse, city officials will answer questions about a proposed annexation of McCormick into PO. More on this later.

Coming up next week: 7 p.m., Oct. 20 – The City of Port Orchard’s Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on its draft comprehensive plan update. The plan is available at the city’s Web site, For more information or to obtain a CD or hard copy of the plan, for a cost, call (360) 876-4407.

One thought on “Coming Up This Week in Port Orchard

  1. Just another unfunded mandate by the state. It is so easy for them to make laws when they don’t have to consider funding them. When are the cities and counties going to stand up and say no way? Never, I believe, since it is easier for them to just tack on another tax to the populace.

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