A Word on the Kitsap Sun’s Video Campaign Coverage

A story on the South Kitsap Commissioner’s Race will be posted shortly on the Kitsap Sun’s Web site. Our coverage of the race includes a video of Charlotte Garrido. Candidate Tim Matthes chose not to be videotaped.

As our Web coverage of local news has evolved, it has allowed us new ways to inform readers about the issues, including videos. That has made for some interesting times in the newsroom, as reporters pick up cameras and learn the ropes of video production. But, be assured, we do apply the same rules of journalism to videos as we do to stories.

In the case of the campaign videos, we applied the same rules to all candidates. Each was allowed up to three minutes to make a statement. The reporter followed up with questions, and the candidate was given an unlimited time to respond. Aside from editing out the sound of silence between questions, we made no alterations to the tapes. No splicing, no dicing, no sound bites. What we saw and heard is what you get.

Besides Tim Matthes, Jan Angel, running for 26th District Representative, position 1, and incumbent Sen. Phil Rockefeller, running to retain his seat in the 23rd District, also declined the video interview.

Just thought you ought to know in case anyone wonders why these candidates are missing in the video lineup of our 2008 election coverage.

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