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One thought on “What is “Real” Barbecue?

  1. Mmmm.. Real BBQ is the kind we get when we visit family in Southern Georgia. It is in a very small town (only 1 stop light) the place is a remodeled old shack. Most of the tables are in a screened in porch area. They are only open Thursday through Saturday. The food is prepared by a family that has been running the business for 4 generations. You have your choice of meat and the sides are slaw and corn on the cob served on a paper plate. Yes, they have real sweet tea. Certain times of the year when it is seasonal you can get sweet tea with fresh tree ripened Georgia peach juice squeezed in as well. That’s the best.

    What makes the experience of it so good is the live jazz band playing out back while you eat your slow cooked BBQ on a warm southern night with the flowers blooming and the crickets chirping. Fortunately we are only a month away from heading down there this year for vacation. I can almost taste it now. BBQ’s up here don’t even come close.

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