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4 thoughts on “Give Your Kids a Shot in the Arm

  1. I can say with total conviction and honesty that I am done with SKSD. Completely, no more kids attending, no more kindergartners to read to, no more stories of outstanding seniors (they have a PAO, who can handle that), no more volunteering on field trips, or teaching classes in PNW native plants, no more author visits, no more levies to worry about, I am done.

    It took a while to get to this point. Everyone said, “Think of the kids,” but that sounds like the advice some give regarding staying in an abusive relationship.

    I started feeling about as used and abused as someone in a bad marriage. So, the divorce is final, it was initiated March 12th and finalized June 16th. I am done with SKSD.

    I am sure they won’t miss me, just maybe my vote and my voice of support. But, hey, they never honored those either.


  2. Just got back from the SKSD Back to School Celebration. Great to see so many people there!

    Special thanks to those to coordinated the event, those who volunteered their time and energy, and to those merchants and businesses that donated time, talents, and resources to the event!

    The line for immunization was long, which indicated a need being fulfilled! Thank you, Kitsap County Health Department! I heard more than a few parents say how much the free immunizations and school supplies opportunity made tough fiscal times just a little easier.

    There were lots of fun things going on, too. Jumbo inflatable toys, singing and dancing from various local groups, our SKHS Band played (and they and the SKHS Band Booster Club served up the free hot dogs, freeze pops, and water). Port Orchard Police and SK Fire District representatives were there with their big rigs. One local merchant was giving away free back to school haircuts (ok, so maybe that was only fun for the parents -smile). There was a dunk tank. Several principals, our new superintendent, and even a school board member (not me) took their turns letting kids take shots at dunking them.

    Again, thanks to all who helped make this event a success for families in South Kitsap. There is much to celebrate in our community!

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. Hi Karen,

    I tried to get around to all of the booths, but I don’t recall Young Life. Were they possible sharing a booth with an entity with a different name?

    My daughter has several friends that participate in Young Life.

    Kathryn Simpson

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