Meeting on Belfair Espresso Gone Wild Tonight


I just confirmed this information. I won’t be at the meeting, but will follow up tomorrow to see what the upshot was.

Sheldon to Address Citizens’ Concerns About Espresso Gone Wild

Sister store in Gorst features “pastie” days.
By Chris Henry
Mason County Commissioner Tim Sheldon will meet at 6 p.m. tonight (Monday) at Belfair Elementary School with citizens worried about a proposed Espresso Gone Wild stand in Belfair.
The stand’s sister store in Gorst features scantily-clad barristas. The Gorst location features “Pastie Tuesdays and Fridays.”
The citizens group voiced their concerns about the business, located on Highway 3 in Belfair, at the July 30 meeting of the Mason County Board of Commissioners.
Heather Fredrickson, a member of the group, said she senses public discomfort with the paste-on breast ornaments and other skimpy attire, such as is worn by women at the Gorst store.
“In general, the community feels uncomfortable with its location,” she said. “We don’t feel like adult entertainment is what we want at the gateway to our community.”
The Belfair stand opened approximately a week ago, but was temporarily closed shortly afterward.
Sheldon said county planners determined there were some code violations. The owner is resolving them, he said.
Following up on the group’s complaints, Sheldon and his staff researched zoning code and found no provision for “erotic entertainment,” which is how the county classifies the attire in question.
At first, county staff thought such use was only prohibited in mixed use areas, which is where the stand is located, but such use is prohibited in all areas of the Belfair urban growth area, Sheldon said.
In a letter to owners Phillip Olson and Jerry Wilson, the commissioners rendered their ruling, saying, “Given the absence of allowances for this use, either outright or with a special use permit, it is the county’s interpretation that the use is prohibited.”
Attempts to contact the owners were unsuccessful.
Sheldon said he had not personally heard from the owners, but he understood they now plan more modest attire for their Belfair branch.
“I’m getting the feeling they’re willing to change their approach,” said Sheldon. “We certainly have no problem with an espresso stand, but as it was originally proposed, it was erotic entertainment.”
Betty Wing the county’s director of operations, confirmed that the owners planned to modify the outfits for Belfair.
“They said they just didn’t expect the backlash they’ve gotten,” said Wing. “They indicated they will comply with the regulations.”
Espresso Gone Wild is at the edgy end of a growing trend in the greater Seattle region toward the use of provocatively-dressed barristas to sell coffee. The Gorst location regularly draws a steady lineup of cars on Tuesdays and Fridays, when some but not all servers wear pasties.

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