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5 thoughts on “Matthes Ad (designed by Neatherlin) to Be Pulled from Cable

  1. I am surprised that Matthes would think that his photo is appropriate. It’s on his website, too, not labeled as to his current position, just using the words “Hard at work for you.” It appears to be using the Kitsap County logo in a way that might be deceptive.
    I suppose that it might be legal, just not fair and appropriate. Sometimes there is a difference.

  2. The Sun is doing a little attack ad of their own. Newspapers and magazines are used in advertisement of candidates all the time. Candidates from both sides in the same race do it. I see those type of adds everywhere.
    The Editor of the Sun writes the headlines. The letter writer has no control over it. It is obvious that they just don’t like Matthes. Nobody thinks the Kitsap Sun endorses Matthes. If they did it would be the kiss of death.

    The Kitsap Sun would stop trying to make news and just report it.

  3. Anyone who believes newspapers do not have political agendas should take a serious look at the Kitsap Sun’s coverage of the Josh Brown-Jack Hamilton race two years ago.

  4. Cean, I can see your perspective, but the logo is the symbol of the county in which he is running for a position. The U.S. flag and the Washington state flag are also there. Is that deceptive?

    I didn’t see the ad (I have no TV), but if it didn’t say the content was in a letter to the editor, I support the Sun’s position. If it did, then I would think it absolutely normal to indicate which paper printed the letter.

    I don’t think the Kitsap Sun editorial board has a political agenda, but a few of the members apparently do. There are some whose votes for a candidates endorsement can be predetermined.

    Everyone has leanings to one wall or another. A few sit on one wall or another.

  5. I’ve been noticing for several days now that the “Most E-mailed News” has been a letter to the editor with the headline: “Dalton Most Qualified for Judge”. The letter certainly doesn’t have anything abnormal or interesting about it. It seems someone keeps E-mailing this item so the headline keeps appearing starkly on the right side of the Sun’s home page. Maybe that’s clever and cheap campaign publicity, but it seems a bit sneaky or cheap for someone running to be a judge.

    It also seems odd or hypocritical that the Sun would allow this more blatant implication of a Sun’s endorsement on their own web page while having a TV ad pulled because Matthes used the Sun’s logo while also referring to a letter to the editor.

    Does political bias play a part in the Sun’s scrutiny?

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