Speaking of South Kitsap: Week in Review

Note 7/14: Lary Coppola informed me that the links on this post don’t work. So I’m reposting them. As we/I get used to this new system, please let me know of any glitches. Thanks, Chris

Yes, I’m talking about last week. The blog was in transition, and it was an interesting week – testy testimony, teed off officials and a nod to Port Orchard in Seattle Magazine. I thought I’d better play catch up.

July 8

Bremerton and Port Orchard recognized by Seattle Magazine (scroll down to July 8 entry; Bremerton blog in transition; thanks)

Yes, it’s true. Intrepid Bremerton reporter Andy Binion made this post on the Bremerton Beat blog. The magazine noted Bremerton among “best up and coming” neighborhoods. Port Orchard came in at #9 among the “top 10 best neighborhoods.” Miracle #1: that it happened at all. Miracle #2: that PO got props from a Bremerton beat reporter. Thanks Andy.

July 8

Port Orchard Council chooses roundabouts for Tremont Street project over protest from some citizens and safety officials.

July 10

Port Orchard officials vie for a piece of the SKIA pie.

July 11

Habitat for Humanity is set to build a neighborhood of affordable homes in Port Orchard.

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