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2 thoughts on “SKSD Board Appointment: My Notes

  1. Chris,

    I don’t have time for a longer post right now, but I did want to ask for one correction. Keith Garton made the motion to appoint Naomi Polen. I did second the motion. Then we had a roll call vote (required in this case). Keith, then Jay, then me. Then Patty Henderson paused and a moment later also voted.

    No one was more surprised than I at the motion or the result. But I firmly believe it was the right vote.

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. I honestly don’t remember saying “weird” but the rest of your quotes are right on, so I’ll take it as face value.

    I probably am intense when it comes to education–it’s what I know. And guess what, here we are, a week later, discussing the issues. I’m thrilled! (although not so thrilled by the comments from those who don’t know anything about me, or weren’t at the board meeting last week).

    Part of what I teach my students at Olympic College in our Multicultural Education class is that we have to stand up for what we are passionate about . . . be activists for children. I am practicing what I preach. To my students and my children–you CAN make a difference.

    Gayle Dilling

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