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6 thoughts on “Mahan Calls for SK Land Use Advisory Committee

  1. Lots of projects have happened in Silverdale and North Kitsap. To my knowledge, the whole county shared the cost. Now that it is South Kitsap’s turn, it appears that there is talk of seeking a Bethel Corridor levy for South Kitsap property owners. South Kitsap property owners paid for those improvements up North. Why shouldn’t the burden for South Kitsap improvements be shared across the entire county as well?

    Perhaps what we need are three commissioners who value all parts of the county and who believe in equity. Would an all South Kitsap Advisory Panel have any clout whatsoever?

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. Someone noticed that stuff may be happening in South Kitsap and there may be problems? Will wonders never cease. Having lived here in South Kitsap (rural) for over 24 years I have seen many changes. What has not changed is the desire for our money, our tax dollars, our spending cash. As a County resident those of us in South Kitsap have supported many projects throughout the county, including the multi million dollar Bremerton Marina. Many not by our choice. Mr. Mahan wants to involve rural South Kitsap and understand their concerns. Interesting. I think that will mean another group who will try to push their agenda while the rural taxpayer in South Kitsap opens his wallet. I can see where South Kitsap west of Hywy 16 will again be left out in the cold.
    That will happen until some people wake up to what SKIA, SEED, (read Port of Bremerton), & McCormicks Woods has planned for the area. Thousands of new homes, building infrastructure to attract business’s, and it will take millions of taxpayer dollars to fund it. Federal, State, County, and yes when Bremerton annexes, City tax dollars. We need planning now! We need vision now! And we need leaders who can show us what they plan and how they plan to keep from taxing us out of our homes. I can’t wait to see the first meeting of the group to form the City of McCormick Woods in a few decades. With the tax and business plan we now have I will probably attend on line from another state.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  3. Mr. Mahan, what is your plan and vision? How will the South Kitsap Advisory Panel actually represent all of South Kitsap? Do you think those who live in the Wicks Lake or Wye Lake area, McCormick Woods, City of Port Orchard, Manchester, Olalla, Southworth, Burley and other South Kitsap areas are going to feel represented by a 3,5, or 9 person board? I can say I am going to win the lottery, but until I show the check and get it cashed it is just talk. No substance. South Kitsap has been the poster child for development and funding for years. We seem to think $300,000 for a dog park is tax money well spent, while actually working on what was originally planned for the property was put on the backburner. I think having 3 Commissioners who work for the County and not just their own District and have a vision and a plan for all of Kitsap County and not just shoot from the political hip might be better for us all.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  4. You’re absolutely right about the need for plan and vision Mr. Gay. Watch my blog for that; I’m not shy about speaking my mind.

    One thing that I learned working with the CK Council however is that it served as an excellent place to give people a formal voice that was hard to ignore. You, for instance, would have a venue to state your feelings about the Howe Farm/Dog Park without having to share the agenda with two hours of mundane County business, such as happens frequently at Commissioner meetings. And that Council would be able to make recommendations that aren’t easily ignored by the powers that be.

    The reason for this proposal isnt just political talk. I’ve spent a great deal of time in the last month at people’s doorsteps. They don’t feel that they’ve been consulted on some pretty big issues. An Advisory Council, in my book, would be a step in the right direction.

    Monty Mahan

  5. I have been on County boards. I was in the Parks group that said Howe Farm should be used to showcase agriculture and farming representing Kitsap County. Our voices lasted until new Commissioners had other ideas brought forward by another vocal minority representing the taxpaying dogs of the County. It was remarkable how the off leash group was able to force another dog park in South Kitssap and have the County taxpayer cough up $300,000 for it, long before effort was made to take the suggestions from the Parks Board over 15 years ago. So much for 2 hours of mundane talk.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

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