It Takes a Village to Raise a Farmer’s Market

I was chastised by Ray Garrido for Thursday’s article on the Port Orchard Farmer’s Market. Ray said I didn’t adequately acknowledge the fact that many folks were involved in the inception of the market 30 years ago. My article was based on an interview with Chris Smith, a former WSU Kitsap County Extension agent, who, as I mentioned, was instrumental, in getting the market going.

Ray, whose wife Charlotte is running for Kitsap County Commissioner, wrote:
“It was a nice article about the farmers market but, I was surprised to not see mention of the other people who started the market. The founding board was in place when the market started and those folks were very involved in the startup. It would be good if they got some of the recognition. Charlotte was one of them but there were several others who worked very hard on getting it off the ground. While Chris deserves accolades, he’s by no means the only one.”

My request: If you or someone you know played a part in birthing the market, sing out!

Also, if you visited the market this weekend, tell us about your experience. What role do you believe farmer’s markets play in 21st Century America?

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