Marina Park to be Named after Huntington

Little kids playing on the bigs toys at the park on the waterfront in Port Orchard may not know who Mary Ann Huntington is.

They won’t have followed the 2007 election in which she lost her seat as a Port of Bremerton commissioner to Larry Stokes in voter backlash against a 150 percent port tax hike. They won’t have taken note of her career with the port, a position she’s held since 1989, way before most of them were born. And they may not know that she has been worked with the Soroptimists, who in 2006 donated around $40,000 to put the swings, whirlygigs and climbing structures in the well-used little playground on port property.

But Huntington’s former fellow commissioners, Bill Mahan and Cheryl Kincer, would at least like their parents to take note of Huntington’s contributions to kids and the community. On Friday, the port will hold a private reception for Huntington and dedicate the park in her name.

“I think it’s the greatest thing,” said Huntingon, of the honor. “To have the park built in the first place was just my dream.”

Huntington has been staying busy since leaving her office with the port. She volunteers at South Kitsap High School doing “just the grunt work,” and she serves on the Kitsap Paratransit Board of Directors.

5 thoughts on “Marina Park to be Named after Huntington

  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that the same two Port Commissioners want to charge admission to the park as well?

    That would be in jest BTW.

  2. Congratulations Mary Ann–You have given much to your community.

    I respect that you can put aside the hurtful and slanderous comments from the past campaign and still do volunteer work for Kitsap County. That shows class.

  3. Yes, please do. We ALL need a constant reminder of what can happen when we elect people to look out for OUR best wishes and they are looking out just for themselves.

    Tell me again how the funding of the Marina was money better spent than funding infrastructure over at SEED or SKIA?

    I’m still a little unclear on this.

    And since we are talking about naming things…

    We need to name that pretty bridge after Sen Oke.

    Those that agreed with what he did (AND how he did it) would be proud.

    And those of us who did NOT will always be reminded of …(see above regarding best interest of constituents.)

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