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7 thoughts on “Monty Mahan Campaign Kick-off

  1. Seems to me he has plenty of time and energy to do the job..good management and kids in the office should be a positive.
    He, his wife and kids must have formed a good partnership and developed mediation skills…clearly needed in a Commissioner.

    An advantage – he was smart enough to marry a girl with exceptional resolve, energy and management skills.
    And if she is willing, why not?
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Why would someone running as a Democrat in Kitsap County schedule his kickoff event on the one evening that the Democratic Party holds its monthly meeting?
    Was in accidental (not having checked his calendar) or intentional?

  3. You are right. Good point! Just because he has a soft spot for orphaned children doesn’t make him good commissioner material. Just because he can figure out how to organize and feed said children doesn’t mean he can do the same for our county.

    I’m still hoping for some good Republican candidate to jump in the race and show him what for!

  4. I would argue that his experience and ability to raise 9 children will be a huge asset as he attempts to rein in the mess at the county. There is total disarray and lack of communication between departments let alone any desire to work together for the greater benefit of Kitsap by those departments.

    Monty Mahan appears to be a man of courage, conviction and integrity balanced by a deep faith and a kind heart. He will have my familys’ support.

  5. Heh….

    Latest gossip is that someone finally noticed my shoe size at a public meeting and asked if there would be room behind the Commissioners’ table for all that leather. I’m sure there’s some advantage to having the largest feet ever elected to the position of County Commissioner. If I can think of ten good ones, there’ll be a post in it for sure.

    Thanks Chris, really excited about the event at Amy’s tonight…

    Monty Mahan

  6. Well, as Monty’s oldest daughter, I can say personally (and maybe with just a little bias) that he would make an awesome commissioner. And I loved the top 10 reasons list on his blog… 🙂

  7. Just a quick clarification for Cean… We’d already planned the kickoff event before it was announced that this would be the evening that Karen Flynn’s replacements would be discussed by the Executive Board of the Democrats’ Central Committee. This conflict did impact attendance at my event.

    At the time that we planned the event the only conflict was the Central Committee meeting, which normally starts at 7pm. We’d set the time for our event from 5pm to 7pm to make it possible for fellow Dems to spend a little time at the event then make it to the meeting at the Fairgrounds by that meeting’s start at 7pm.

    Basically, by the time we found out that the PCO’s would meet early that night it was too late to turn back. Sorry to all who couldn’t make it; many who had to be at the Fairgrounds at 5:30pm have called me and expressed their support all the same, and have mailed their checks and endorsements.

    If you were there at the Central Committee meeting you will have seen that I made it there before meeting’s end to see my candidacy approved unanimously by the party.

    Monty Mahan

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