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7 thoughts on “Bill to Name Tacoma Narrows Bridge After Bob Oke Gets First Reading

  1. How does a necessary bridge become a “political folly”?

    Does anyone doubt the need for it?
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. even the opponents of the Narrows bridge acknowledge that Bob Oke was the driving force behind its construction. Now that the bridge is here to stay it seems appropriate to name it after him

  3. Yes, of course, name the bridge after the key person behind it, Bob Oke.
    Who else?

    Does anyone know how a necessary bridge could be called a ‘political folly’?
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. It is such a weakness of mind that we can remember how a vote was so negative, several years ago, but in present day, we have a new bridge, that is safe, has HOV lanes, and its ease of transversing leaves many to ask, “how did we go for so long”. We pay for this. It is often called taking ownership of our needs. A toll of $1.75/$3.00 is minor compaired to prospectus of new “tolled” projects in King County, as well as similar tolls in other states. We may have not wanted the tolls, but we do NEED the bridge that Sen. Oke helped champion. Folly? Maybe to those that do not use the bridge, nor never will. Try the Ferry System. Now there IS a folly.

  5. More than appropriate.
    I dug a little deeper on people fighting the odds and public opinion…and many who died fighting for a cause.

    Bob Oke shouldered abuse from those who opposed him and carried on anyway.
    That anyone could imagine his name not be on that bridge because he went against those against is all the more reason to name it the BOB OKE BRIDGE!
    He did the right thing for the most people and Kitsap County future.

    As did the women who fought against the odds to bring woman out of the basement, to allow them to vote, to stand with people who didn’t want them there.

    …”…Under orders from W. H. Whittaker, superintendent of the Occoquan Workhouse, as many as forty guards with clubs went on a rampage, brutalizing thirty-three jailed suffragists. They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head, and left her there for the night. They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed, and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate Alice Cosu, who believed Mrs. Lewis to be dead, suffered a heart attack. According to affidavits, other women were grabbed, dragged, beaten, choked, slammed, pinched, twisted, and kicked. (source: Barbara Leaming, Katherine Hepburn (New York: Crown Publishers, 1995), 182.)..”

    Linda Chavez-Thompson Quotes
    Women’s Voices: Quotations by Women
    Quote collection assembled by Jone Johnson Lewis
    Quotation: The face of labor is changing, and you can tell this by the mere fact that I am a woman … and a woman of color….”

    The Bob Oke Bridge – YES.

    Sharon O’Hara

  6. It’s a wonderful bridge. It makes the crossing so much easier and safer. I used to hate driving to Tacoma and all points South and would often chose to go through Shelton (a dangerous route), but the new bridge has made everything so much faster, easier and more enjoyable.

    I wasn’t part of the debate over its construction, but am grateful for the outcome. Senator Oke withstood the tough debate and came us a winner.

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