Returning Gifts Part of the Holiday Ritual

A story to be posted shortly on the Kitsap Sun Web site, details that hallowed post-holiday ritual, returning gifts. Although the day after Christmas is traditionally seen as the most popular day to return gifts, sales associates at Target in Silverdale, said many people hold back, hoping to avoid the crush, when it actually gets busier several days after Christmas.

Here are some tips from Consumer Reports for avoiding excess hassle when returning gifts:
Consumer Reports has the following suggestions for making returns easily.
Check the store’s returns policy on the Web site or by calling customer service.

Take care not to lose or damage packaging. Some stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City, charge a restocking fee on electronic items, whether or not you’ve opened the box.
Locate the receipt for a better chance to get credit for the item’s full value.

Double check that you’re returning the store to the right place, especially if it’s a mail-order return.

Learn about “return fraud.” “If your return is denied and you don’t know why, you may have incorrectly been flagged by a store’s computer for committing return fraud,” says a recent article at E-mail the Return Excharge, a company that monitors returns for retailers at

Source: Consumer Reports online.

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