PO Councilman Geiger is State’s Longest Serving Public Official

PO Councilman Bob Geiger by the Numbers:
45 years
1,119 meetings
10 absences
99 percent attendance

Much has changed in Port Orchard over the past 45 years, but amid that change, Bob Geiger has been a constant.

Early photos show a much younger-looking Geiger.

But once his hair went gray, it seemed like he hardly changed at all over the past couple of decades.

And talk about consistency, he and his wife Ursula have operated the Geiger Family Rexall Pharmacy faithfully, taking nothing longer than the occasional three day weekend, for more than two decades.

As fellow councilman John Clauson said, “Bob you really need to get a life.”

Thanks to the generosity of private citizens, the Geigers will take a week-long trip to Sweden, where Geiger’s parents were born. He’s never been there, Ursula said after Wednesday’s goodbye ceremony in the Port Orchard council chambers. He had a ticket once and was all set to go, but ended up buying the pharmacy instead.

Have a great trip, Bob. After all those years of service, you deserve it.

3 thoughts on “PO Councilman Geiger is State’s Longest Serving Public Official

  1. Congratulations to Mr. Geiger.

    Even though I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye with his positions, one has to respect his dedication and commitment to Port Orchard!

    Special thanks to his wife, as well. Anyone in public service knows that time spent serving the community often means time sacrificed by family.

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. Is that a Ford Falcon from the early 60s in the background of the photo showing Geiger with the sign on his shoulder? Coincidence, or part of the day’s activities?

  3. We are a nation of immigrants. Throughout our history people from around the world, fleeing from religious persecution, political upheaval, poverty, famine and war, have come to this land of opportunity to establish new and better lives.

    Immigrants have come singly and in groups. They have established Chinatowns and Little Italys. They have clustered together in communities where they find comfort in maintaining the culture and language of their native lands. They have opened Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Greek and Italian restaurants. They have enriched our country and expanded cultural opportunities in America.

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    I realize that the Hispanic population in other areas of the country is large and growing larger every day. Many in America view this increasing immigration with alarm. Providing bilingual signage escalates the uneasiness associated with the influx of Mexican workers and will fuel divisiveness in this country.

    The English language has been a unifying force in the United States. Let’s keep it that way!

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