Friday Afternoon Club: A Cinema Opening and Downtown Open House

The buzz in downtown PO is tonight’s opening of the The Orchard Theatre. Far Away productions of Bainbridge Island has leased and renovated (totally gutted in fact) the old Plaza Twin building, owned by Bob Geiger and operated as a cinema until May, 2005.

“We’re all looking forward to the theater opening,” said Mallory Jackson, owner of Bay Street Custom Framing. “It’s just beautiful inside. You wouldn’t believe how much work the new owner has done.”

In conjunction with the theater opening, downtown merchants will hold an “open house’ from 4 to 7 p.m. today, with specials like free gift wrapping, cocoa and other fun stuff. And the South Kitsap High School Band will be playing downtown starting around 4 p.m.

The theater will show “Across the Universe,” featuring 33 Beatles songs incorporated into the sound track, and “The Darjeeling Limited,” about a trio of brothers on a journey across India. Show times are 4:15, 7 and 9:30 p.m.

Starting next Friday, the theater will have four shows daily through the holidays. In January, they’ll go to two a day Monday through Thursday and four a day Friday through Sunday.

Thanks to a recent action by the Port Orchard City Council, tickets at the Orchard will be slightly lower than those at Regal Cinema up the hill, at least for a year. Far Away co-owner Jeff Brein and company had expected to have to pay a new 5 percent admissions tax (up from one-tenth of one percent), but the council decided to give new business owners a one-year reprieve, requiring only a 1 percent tax. Brein had priced his tickets lower, with the plan to raise them in January when the tax kicked in. Now, he says, he’ll just keep the lower price through 2008.

Tickets are $8.75, adults; $7.75, military; $6.75, matinees; $6.75 seniors 65+ and kids under 12.

While it’s often not fair to judge a place during its first week of business, I would be interested to hear reviews from anyone who decides to give The Orchard a whirl this weekend. Tell us what you think of:
The choice of movies
The atmosphere
The prices
The popcorn

Have a great weekend, Chris

3 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Club: A Cinema Opening and Downtown Open House

  1. I’m pleased to see this theatre reopen, this time with style. I grew up on a farm on Long Lake in the ’50s, and have fond memories of Saturday afternoon movies as a child. In that vein, wouldn’t it be fun if Port Orchard revived the “Pioneer Days” celebrations, that were obseved with such a flair by the founding fathers?

  2. Chris,
    I would be interested as to why the Kitsap Sun doesn’t specify the movies being shown at the Port Orchard Cinema in the review of movies in its’ A&E section? It doesn’t have a problem showing Port Townsend but Port Orchard must be too far away.

  3. I think you’ll find we list the South Sound Cinemas with all the rest of our movie listings, and we’ve added the new Orchard Theatre as well. Our movie clips show which theaters have which movies, and the movie times for the South Sound are shown in the Regal Cinemas ad.
    Hope this helps!
    — MM

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