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2 thoughts on “PO Mayor Vetoes Admissions Tax

  1. …”…Abel, who has spearheaded the formation of a Boys & Girls Club in South Kitsap, recommended that 100 percent of revenues go for the enhancement of youth activities, such as a skateboard park. She also wants to provide a one-year reduced tax for new businesses….”

    100% of a new business tax revenue used only on youth activities seems short sided.
    Should a portion of the business tax be used to help business and perhaps provide something for your seniors and physically challenged?
    Does your Senior Center offer diverse activities and need no further support?
    Is your downtown business area well protected and safe for folks to stroll and shop after dark?
    .just a thought.. Sharon O’Hara

  2. Sharon,
    I have long worked on promoting the vision of Chuck Jeu, who believed that South Kitsap needs a multi-age, multi-use center that would serve seniors and youth. The hope was that it could be placed at the South Kitsap Community Park and be surrounded by gardens and walkways. It could also have an indoor and outdoor theater component, because you are right, there are a lot of needs in the community. I also think that helping the small businesses downtown would be a good idea.

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