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9 thoughts on “PO Council to Vote on Admissions Tax

  1. Have you purchased popcorn, candy, or a soda at the movies in recenty years? Quite expensive and we pay sales tax on those high prices. Isn’t that enough tax?

    By the way, it cost $40 to get tickets for a family of three, a tub of popcorn to share, and a small soda for each of us.

    I don’t go to the movies much anymore.

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. Where are the letters equating this raise in taxes with the Port of Bremerton tax increase? I mean, why was this not an election issue? Could it be that everyone in the Council and running for council (except Geiger) is pro tax on the movies? Yep, elected officials are going to let people make decisions on taxes. NOT!

    What gives? We agree on something? 🙂

  3. dahl,

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day and if you have two clocks both off on their timing, they will coincide, ever so briefly, every once in awhile… eventually.(smile)

    Kathryn Simpson

  4. This looks like the crux of the matter: “…original owners of the cinema had sold out to Regal Cinemas, which, according to the city, prices tickets in Port Orchard the same as in other locations that are under a 4 or 5 percent admission tax.”

    Apparently, the city officials think the tax break should somehow be reflected in the ticket price.

    How does the tax show up, if at all, on the customer’s receipt? Is it simply hidden in the price paid by the customer? If so, more of the ticket price is profit in Port Orchard than in the other locations. (Yes, Kathryn, this means I go to the movies very rarely. I couldn’t even guess what the cost of a ticket is, much less tell you whether the amount of the tax is apparent to the customer.)

    Unless the cinema owners “eat” the tax increase, I suppose it would be passed along to the customers. If it’s not separately listed on a receipt, would the ticket price become higher in Port Orchard than other locations?

  5. It’s ridiculous. Effectively a “Movie Tax” shouldered by community members (to include teenagers) having good clean fun.

    A sin tax with no sin. Where’s the 80K plus going to go. Staff overhead at city hall?

  6. Bob – Having talked with Jeff Brein, owner of the soon to open Orchard Theatre in the old Plaza building, I understand (correct me if I’m wrong Jeff) that cinema owners have no choice but to pass the increase in their cost on to the customers. Brein talked at length about how difficult the industry is. Theaters actually make very little on ticket sales because most of what you pay for a ticket goes back to the studios. So — no surprise here — Brein said, they rely on concessions to make their profit. After he explained it to me I felt a little less irritated about having to pay a small fortune for popcorn.

  7. Interesting last sentence, Chris. Because the movie price doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the concession prices.

    I have to wonder… if they cut the concession stand prices, wouldn’t they sell a lot more product and (I think) make a lot more money on concessions and make the customers happy too (who would then return more often to buy again)???

    Kathryn Simpson

  8. Chris, I presumed the additional tax would be passed along to the customers, if possible; but would that mean the ticket will cost more in Port Orchard compared to Silverdale when the cinemas are owned by the same corporation? If so, it would be a strange situation, unless SK customers decide the savings in motor vehicle fuel make it a good deal anyway.

  9. … that old theater is interesting and worth the ticket price if the show is good…..especially compared to the cost of driving from Port Orchard to Silverdale or Poulsbo.
    Chris…is the popcorn fresh?

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