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5 thoughts on “County Releases Preliminary 2008 Budget

  1. These comments of Josh Brown, “Like working families…everywhere,” really annoy me.

    I am not sure why they are so annoying, it could be that he is all of 28, so you have to wonder what he truly understands of the struggles of “working familes,” or maybe it’s because I attended a meeting in which people were collecting for his “defense fund.”

    It was hard not to think, “this kid is making over $100,000 a year and they want ME to help pay for his legal bills!”

  2. Wow Mary, good comments.

    The man born with the silver spoon in his mouth speaketh as if he runs with the blue collar crowd.

  3. For Heaven’s Sake… fight him on issues, not on spoons and ‘blue collars.’
    My objection to Josh Brown was his youth and inexperience.
    His competence in the job has yet to be seen…he has barely started.
    I sure approve of the county common sense approach to the budget…

    “…will receive pink slips in 2008 as part of the budget reduction. The balance of the deficit will be made up by cuts in supplies, savings on employee medical benefits and new ways of doing business that result in greater efficiency…”

    Thanks for the good news, Chris…
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. One statement he made concerns me… He was quoted in the paper (and I’m not looking up the exact article right now) that the only time the county would go to the voters for a levy lift was “in the event of a recession”. That strikes me as the absolute wrong time to ask people for more money.

  5. You’re right, BL…asking for money in a recession is bad timing. Sort of like fishing from shore with a 25 foot line at a -50 foot tide.
    If the statement is accurate, it could be due to his age and lack of understanding of what a ‘recession’ means…or he is really a optimistic person… and, who knows, he might be right.
    Sharon O’Hara

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