SK Park: Public Begins Planning for Park’s Future

More than 100 people attended the first of five public meetings on South Kitsap Community Park’s future, and their enthusiasm was palpable.

The park was turned over to the county in June, and South Kitsap Commissioner Jan Angel, with county Parks & Recreation staff, has started a public process to determine what people want to see at the park.


Some of the things folks mentioned were skateboarding, more ball fields, soccer fields, walking trails for senior citizens (and others), a BMX bike track and a family recreation center. Karcher Creek Sewer/Annapolis Water District would like to partner with the county for an environmental learning center at the park.

Current tenants, including the Kitsap County Horseshoe group, Kitsap Live Steamers miniature railroad and the paintball course, will be allowed to stay at the park at least through the duration of their lease.

Anyone who’s interested is invited to serve on one or more of the various interest groups now forming to provide direction to county staff. You can also give input on what you’d like to see at the park by e-mailing

The meeting was so upbeat it was hard to remember that a year ago the county and the South Kitsap Parks and Recreation District were locked in testy negotiations over the county’s proposed take-over of the park. I’m not going to dredge up old history here. You can read it, if you care to, in other entries under SK Parks. Yes, it appears the beloved park has entered a new era. Parks and Recreation head Chip Faver commented on this, giving kudos to the hundreds of volunteers who have kept the park going lo these nearly 30 years without a steady stream of public funding.
“They gave us a spring board into an endless sea of possibilities,” Faver said.

One thought on “SK Park: Public Begins Planning for Park’s Future

  1. Residents of Port Orchard have no safe paved trails to walk or jog on at this time. Using the side of the road is taking life in their own hands. South Kitsap Community Park could provide a solution to this problem. A park with a paved trail around the perimeter would provide our community members with a great place to walk their dog, jog and numerous other activities where they know that they are safe from oncoming traffic. A trail around the perimeter would ensure a long distance for those who enjoy to jog, just as Green Lake Discovery Park and others in Seattle. If funds cannot be found for paving , a nice gravel trail would still work. Most important is that Port Orchard designates some place with safe walking trails for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. Thank you!

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