PO Parking Proposal 3

The City of Port Orchard has publicly presented six proposals for a future parking garage in the downtown area, and city officials want to know what you think of each one.

City officials, working with Art Anderson Associates, have determined that
at least 794 parking spaces (and as many as 1,172) would be needed if development proceeds as expected in the downtown core.

Here’s a brief description and before-and-after shots of one proposal (I’ve made separate entries for each to reduce download time). The artist’s renderings are just examples of what could be built in each location, said Patrick Vasicek of Art Anderson.

For more information or a survey form, contact the City of Port Orchard at (360) 876-4407.

The third site is proposed for construction on Prospect between Kitsap and
Sidney streets.
“This one would tend to take some traffic off of Bay Street, which would be
a real plus,” said Vasicek.
Most of the structure would be underground, with a capacity for up to 450
cars. This site could impact views from the hillside above Prospect. The
view from Bay Street, however, includes a covered, open-air atrium, and very
little of the garage is visible.

One thought on “PO Parking Proposal 3

  1. This one has the benefit of replacing some of the decaying downtown buildings. From the photo, it looks like it retains some retail as well as residential space which is a plus. Like most of these, the trick is getting cars in and out–in this case w/out getting lost.

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