Friday Afternoon Club: Salmon Season

Last weekend, we went up to my father-in-law’s place on the Duckabush River in Brinnon for a family get-together. The main attraction wasn’t his big screen TV. It was out in the river. Pale patches among the pebbles of the river bed showed where salmon had pushed algae covered rocks aside to make a nest for their eggs. In each nest at least one, usually two mossy green salmon could be found staking out their territory. In one deep pool downstream, well over 100 dark salmon bodies gathered, resting before making the run upstream.

Salmon watching is an annual activity here in the Northwest, something I knew nothing about when I moved here in 1979, but which has become a cherished part of the autumn season for me and my family.

Between now and early winter, different streams will come alive with their respective runs of salmon. My father-in-law said the ones in his back yard were chum.

Where do you go to watch the salmon run? Got any good salmon recipes?

Happy trails .. and watch out for those darn bears. CTH

One thought on “Friday Afternoon Club: Salmon Season

  1. Thanks for a great description, Chris…I have never taken the time to watch the salmon run. I hope to see the miracle with my own eyes one day.
    In the meantime your description put us there with you and I can’t think of a better family outing, thanks for sharing.
    Sharon O’Hara

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