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2 thoughts on “Meet the Candidates: PO City Council

  1. Goss suggests annexing areas that are essentially residential developments, and says it would increase the city’s tax revenues.

    But, without commercial and industrial development to add to the tax base, the revenue increase wouldn’t improve the fiscal picture. The cost of providing services to the new residents would be roughly equal to (or perhaps more than) the added revenue.

    Has he looked at a map of the city limits? Port Orchard has already engulfed virtually all commercial areas within its reach — while niftily avoiding most of the residential areas.

    Of course, I don’t get to vote in the city’s elections — not being in the city — but what would lead me to vote in favor of annexation? Would Port Orchard, for example, repeal and forever forget its silly rules about cutting trees? When I decide a tree on my property ought to go, I don’t want to have to say “Mother, may I” to some intermeddling city officials.

    Since Port Orchard already shed its fire protection duties — thereby nearly doubling the amount of its property tax revenue in the past few years — what would make anyone want to be annexed into the city? What is to be gained, other than higher taxes?

  2. Beware the land-grabbers, they’ll bankrupt your little city.

    Residential annexations usually result in negative revenues–they cost more in services than they contribute in taxes. That is why past annexations have gerrymandered around residential areas to “grab” car dealerships, movie theaters and shopping malls.

    Some of us live outside the City boundaries deliberately and would like to stay out of your circus, thank you. Annex us unwillingly and we will become your worst nightmare.

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