SK Schools Get Late Start Wednesdays

Wake up South Kitsap.

On second thought, hit the snooze button. The South Kitsap Education Association and South Kitsap School District have signed a contract that includes a provision for a 45-minute late start on Wednesdays. Buses will run 45 minutes late. Parents who drop their kids off at school are asked to adjust accordingly.

How can arriving late to school help students do better?

The teachers will use the time to for “collaborative” planning, a method educators say has been shown to boost student achievement. They’ll also kick in 30 minutes of their regular planning time for a total of 75 minutes a week of analyzing student data, sharing information and applying what works best to their own classrooms. No point reinventing the wheel.

A late start has been in effect at South Kitsap High for the past two years. Collaborative planning (and altered schedules) are already being tried in North Mason, Peninsula, Bremerton and Central Kitsap school districts.

We’d love to hear from our neighbors to see how much proof is in the pudding.

South Kitsap Superintendent Bev Cheney says the district will be keeping an eye on the teachers to see how the program is working. Schools will be required to submit reports to families about exactly how the time is being used, and — giving the program time to kick in — district administrators will be looking for results.

Maybe we should put SKSD on the Bremerton blog’s “on notice” board, a la Stephen Colbert, as in “we’re watching you.”

In the meantime, I know at least one junior high bound student, my son, who’ll savor an extra 45 minutes to sleep in.

Find more information on late start Wednesdays at the school district’s Web site.

One thought on “SK Schools Get Late Start Wednesdays

  1. Wed. late start was a controversial part of the SKSD contract. Ratification vote by SK Teachers was:
    190 yes
    189 no

    Check with Lance Coyne SK Union Pres.

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