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4 thoughts on “County Unveils Plan to Pay for Bethel Road Improvements

  1. I wish it were legal to “grandfather” in residential property owners until they sell. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is how the law reads.

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. After further review… Wow! This is a very complex proposal.

    Obtaining a super-majority in South Kitsap can be very challenging.

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. If it’s an excess levy requiring 60 percent to approve, is it also only a one-year levy? Or, is it an excess levy to pay back money borrowed by issuing bonds?

    If it’s for bond debt, for how long would the levy last?

    I wonder what the assessed value within the district is. With that, you could easily estimate the tax rate needed to collect $9.1 million in one year. I would guess it would take about $1.50 per $1000, assuming that most of the property within the school district would also be within this Bethel Road levy district. Since I presume the commissioners would really rather not have angry mobs with torches and pitchforks in their front yards, I guess it wouldn’t be collected in one year.

    So what is the period of the bonds? What would be the estimated tax rate?

    I’m curious since I’ve heard there is a need to build a school or two in this area — and that isn’t easy to do when other taxing districts surprise everyone with a substantial increase in the tax bill.

  4. All these unique ways to separate a taxpayer from his money. It is truly ridiculous. Have to say, if the people want it they will vote for it but I still wonder why this project isn’t funded out of the coffers of the county just like all other projects are. Was there special taxes on Silverdale to get its’ roads in the shape they are now? If there was, I sure didn’t hear about it. And, how much money did our county fork over to the City of Bremerton for their projects?

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