Weird Animal Story

Jennifer McArthur of Port Orchard submitted a funny and unusual story about her pets. Last year her cat had kittens and then they lost her. But Pappi, her Papillon puppy, started nursing the babies.

Jennifer McArthur’s dog, Pappi, plays wet nurse to a motherless kitten.

Yum! Yum!

The odd thing is, Pappi has never had any puppies herself, yet she still produced milk for the kittens. McArthur took her into the vet, who said it would not hurt the dog. The family ended up keeping one of the kittens, who has continued the nursing habit.
“I laugh every time I catch her (Pappi) nursing my cat,” said McArthur.

2 thoughts on “Weird Animal Story

  1. I have heard of humans being wet nurses, but to have two animals of different species is amazing. I guess Ben Stiller in the movie, Meet the Parents, was right. I guess anything with nipples can nurse!

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