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One thought on “Port Orchard Downtown Overlay

  1. It is amazing to me that tall buildings along the waterfront are allowed to hog the view from everyone else – IF the water view is a premium.

    The only people to really ‘profit’ are the owners of the property, builders and, if condos, the owners of the condos.

    Why doesn’t P.O. allow building to be regulated for the maximum enjoyment of a water view…and maximise tax to the city?

    Shops or buildings alongside the waterfront should be LOW…buildings across the street could go up a little higher and so forth to resemble a good theater…the waterfront the ‘stage’ and other building height would be raised to give more people a view.

    In Bremerton, the people with the ‘view’ are the waterfront condo owners…nobody behind them.

    Why doesn’t Port Orchard set a different standard for building around a desirable ‘view’?
    Sharon O’Hara

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