SK Parks Commissioner Resigns

The Kitsap Sun late Tuesday received an e-mail from SK Parks & Rec board chairman Larry Walker stating that parks commissioner Steve Horn has resigned, effective Feb. 19.
Horn’s written statement, included in the e-mail, was , “Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am officially resigning my position on the SKP&RD board. On this day February 19th, 2007.”

The board will discuss a method for appointing Horn’s replacement at its March 8 business meeting.

More to come as I learn more.

13 thoughts on “SK Parks Commissioner Resigns

  1. It’s too bad, but who can fault him for leaving? Being part of the SKPRD board has got to be the most thankless position around.

    In return for volunteering your time trying to run a community park with zero tax dollars, you get raked over the coals by the local press and veiled accusations of criminal behavior from the community.

    Hopefully the two sides can come together for a soft landing with the park – it has withered on the vine for too long.

  2. Steve Horn attempted to bring a sense of mutual cooperation to the South Kitsap Parks Board. I’m grateful for his time and efforts.

    Regarding Mark’s comments about “veiled accusations of criminal behavior”, It is very important to point out that Steve Horn did not sign or participate in the insurance issues that we are very concerned about.

    Steve Horn is an honorable man who was trying to serve in the best interest of the citizens of South Kitsap. I applaud his efforts and wish his sense of civic responsibility on the board had been more contageous.

  3. “…Steve Horn is an honorable man who was trying to serve in the best interest of the citizens of South Kitsap. I applaud his efforts and wish his sense of civic responsibility on the board had been more contageous….”
    …too bad some of the best people won’t step into the arena of public service and become
    …targets of the Blame Game.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. The fact that Mr. Steve Horn resigned is very telling. It means there is some there there. He certainly would not have quit if he didn’t think there was truth with the fraud and other possible wrong doings by this board.

    The simple fact remains this park is not a park at all and it does not serve our public and it continues to decline in its apperence and all of its activities. The SKCP District has no revenue stream and will not ever have a revenue stream. For those of you who think that big government is the problem I simply ask yourself to look at this little tiny government entity and ask yourself are they doing anything to grow the park?

    Mr. Horn’s resignation when he had so many great ideas and plans for the park is a statement that there is something terribly wrong with the SKCP District and this blite needs to be eliminated from our sight.

  5. Two board members had the opportunity to speak out when Walker stated at the Feb 8 meeting that they “All” had all been in the mobile after some vandlism. As it turns out-two have admitted to never having been in the mobile and unaware of it’s contents.If the SKPRD had responded to the county’s offer of 2.4 million in April of 2006 the park would be well on it’s way to restoration. Softball would have had improved fields for the 2007 season Meetings would be taking place for the community’s input as to it’s future. Sadly, grant cycles have come and gone for 2007 which would have added to KC’s offer. In the past five years there have been people on the board with the ability to write major grants.It didn’t happen. This board board believes the park belongs to them and will not listen to the people who elected them.If it’s not over by July-four people are preparing to run for the four open positions on the park board. If elected-the first official duty for these people in 2008-will be to sign the dissolution of SKPRD and end this 28 year saga.

  6. Not only “is there something terribly wrong” with the SKPRD, there has always been something wrong with the SKPRD. The concept of having a separate community park was a great idea but its fate has been sealed for decades by having no means to support itself.

    Since it has “SK” and “Park” in the name, many mistakenly assume there is tax support like the “real” SK Parks. Rather, it has limped along and survived (barely) for all of these years with the true support of only a very small portion of the community.

    So, I don’t see the issue as being big Gov. vs. little Gov. nor do I see Mr. Horn’s departure as any more significant than the others before him who had the best intentions in the beginning and then quickly found that Utopia doesn’t exist. In my view, Mr. Horn’s resignation looks like yet another name in a looooooooooong list of honorable people who tried to serve in the best interest of the citizens of South Kitsap but realized they had just boarded a sinking ship.

    Hopefully the county will accept the SKPRD offer and taxes can provide the funding to breath some life back into the park. It’s too bad the investigation is impeding the process.

  7. The SKP&R Commissioner positions may be thankless positions, but we as the citizens of the South Kitsap Area, could be THANKING the SKP&R Commissioners for what they could have done for the Park, instead of making it look like it is THEIR park and not ours !! I think by doing such a thing, they have gotten themselves into a pickle.
    I have been to several of the meetings, and that is what it seemed like..their park..NOT ours..
    If the citizens of the area really want to know how the Commssioners run a meeting, please come to them and find out for yourselves; it may be too late to see many meetings coming up due to their possiveness.
    This reminds me of a sign I saw a long time ago…it said “watch us grow”…and after the “grow”, it said “weeds”. That is what we all will see in the park if these people remain in office.

  8. “At the present time it sure looks like charges will be filed. Laws have been broken and this Parks District has no legs to stand on.” – John Conte

    “It means there is some(thing) there. He (Horn) certainly would not have quit if he didn’t think there was truth with the fraud and other possible wrong doings by this board.” – John Conte

    Interestingly, the investigators conclude the exact opposite. According to the POI:

    “The final report is going to show that there’s no evidence of misdoings by anyone,” (Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jim) Mitchell said Friday. “There are even some items in there they (the SKPRD board) certainly could have claimed, but they didn’t think they should.”

  9. My huband and I were at the meeting on Thursday, and we had hoped to ask some questions. We were informed that the general public could do this. We saw the agenda of the Commissioners; didn’t look like many things for them to discuss in the TWO HOUR meeting. THEN the new Citizen Proposal came along and took up MANY minutes for their proposal, and before that, a “break”. Due to all of this, we could not ask ANY questions, as the time was up and I saw two people barely got in their say, and POOF !!! The meeting was adjourned. From what we saw, it was a very blatent lack of respect of the Board not to give any one else a chance to put in their questions and/or comments . I think they were afraid to have any more comments from “us”.
    I really did not like the way Larry Walker ran the meeting, with his so-called humor. It needed to be more Professional. We didn’t come to watch a Comedy show.

  10. Let me very specific on an item-actually 100 items claimed to be lost in the fire.The contents list claims 100 basketball uniforms. The ONLY time SKPRD had ANY association with basketball uniforms was when my husband and I ran a six week league through SKPRD. Those uniforms went to the backs of the 190 girls who played in the league and stayed with the players. The uniforms SKPRD reports to having been destroyed-were the uniforms that belonged to SKYAA-the former organization we were involved with. SKYAA-had been asked to remove their uniforms from a place stored with SK Pee Wee. I took the girls uniforms-the boys division took the boys.It was at that time we used SKPRD for the name of our league -the old SKYAA uniforms went in to staorage with permission from SKPRD. The only two people who knew there were uniforms in that mobile was a former park commissioner. As newly elected Park Commissioners we toured the mobile one day and came upon the box with SKYAA uniforms. I remarked something like “Oh those old SKYAA uniforms I’ll get them out of here some day.” Then-I forgot about them and within six months-I resigned as Park Commissioner. I neverthought about them again-UNTIL the claim for uniforms came up. I have provided a copy of the receipt for the uniforms paid for by the parents who registered their daughters during the one season with SKPRD. I reiterate-they all went to the girls/parents who purchased them. Now-why does SKPRD get to claim $9,000 in uniforms that DIDN’T BELONG TO THEM! Write SKYAA out a check for $9,0000 PLEASE! SKPRD has no proof whatsover of purchasing uniforms.Order me up a State Audit of SKPRD and the facts will be proven.They are messing with the wrong person when it comes to Basketball in this town! This year- (we are back with SKYAA) we are paying $13.00 a shirt (no shorts) the most we have ever payed! SKPRD is claiming $90.00 uniforms equaling $9,000. I doubt if SKHS pays $90.00 per uniform. It’s not over til it’s over Mark!

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