Dirty Dancing in Gig Harbor Jeopardizes Senior Prom

Gig Harbor High School’s Tolo dance Feb. 10 came to an abrupt end when some of the students present defied the school’s rules against freak dancing, a style that involves partners “grinding” against one another in a sexually suggestive way.

Spring dances at the school, including the senior prom, have been put on hold until students and staff can come up with a plan to make sure behavior stays within school guidelines, said Principal Greg Schellenberg, who is convening a panel of students, parents and staff to address the issue.
“Right now it’s on the students,” he said. “The students are working really hard on it. They’re scrambling. It’s not my intent to cancel it but it’s just to work with the panel, so that we can collaboratively work on some agreed upon standards.”
Freak dancing includes moves popular in hip-hop dance styles. It’s become a problem at high schools across the country as students and school administrators butt heads over freedom of expression versus due decorum at school-sponsored events.

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One thought on “Dirty Dancing in Gig Harbor Jeopardizes Senior Prom

  1. Why not remove the students performing in an inappropriate manner and let the dance planning continue?

    It seems unfair and unreasonable to close it all down due to the antics of a few students…remove them from the activity. Do not allow them to attend.

    Don’t punish all for the actions of a few. There is no way to ‘guarantee’ any child’s behavior at a school dance. The good option is remove them quickly and quietly.

    Professional ‘bouncers’ should be up to the task.

    Let the dancing continue…
    Sharon O’Hara

    the big deal and shut down the whole thing

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