2 thoughts on “Welcome to the South Kitsap Blog

  1. I don’t live in Port Orchard, but over time, I’ve spent years in and around the south end and hope you don’t mind if I look in now and again… glad you’re here…!
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. At the risk of falling into the category of whining or complaining, I would like to let others know about something that sounds unbelievable. If a certified, experienced Information Technology professional volunteered his services for free, you would think that there would be loads of opportunities. I am that professional. I registered with many local school districts, United Way, 1-800-volunteer, Craigs List, and even local churches. Not one nibble. Sure there were lots of offers to help pull weeds, swing a hammer for Habitat for Humanity, teach a child to read, but I need the continued IT experience due to forced career change. The nearest places were in Seattle, over 100 miles round trip. When gas hit $3.50 per gallon I had to curtail those trips. I would like to help places closer to home (Kitsap) but there has been no response.
    I would like to hear from others as to the lack of volunteer IT opportunities on this side of the sound.

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