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Project Connect 2013 needs your help

Project Connect is held on Wednesday, Jan.23, 2013. It is the work of the Kitsap Continuum of Care Coalition, a group of around orgs/individuals dedicated to keeping folks from becoming homeless, and  assisting them should they find themselves in that situation.

Right now, we have several “drives” going on, looking for items to distribute at the Connect: outerwear (hats/scarves/gloves & mittens/winter coats), socks (adult tube/wool) and thermal underwear (all adult sizes),  and we just started one for camping gear. The following is a list of gear that meet immediate need. New is preferred – but if you have used items, please check them out (unroll the bag, open up the tent) before you bring them and ask yourself: would I sleep in it, or let my kids? Does it smell ok, does the zipper work, are there any holes in it? If it’s good enough for you, it’s probably good enough for your neighbor. Contact info is under the list:

Need: 4 dozen sleeping bags / 2 dozen 2 person tents / 1 dozen 4+ person tents /  6 family size tents / 4 dozen 8′ x ’10 tarps / 2 dozen flashlights / 6 dozen Size D batteries. Whatever you can give would be gratefully received.

Contact: Terry Schroeder at (360) 473-2028 or email her at

Many thanks!!!