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From Kitsap Dept. of Emergency Management’s Susan May:

“The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Watch for most of western Washington effective Thursday afternoon through Friday evening. High temperatures could reach into the mid to upper 90s in the southern areas and upper 80s to lower 90s in the northern areas. Have a plan to stay cool.  Drink plenty of water.  Keep your pets out of areas (cars) where temperatures could reach dangerous levels.”  To which I would add:

If you can, please keep some bottles of water available in your vehicle to hand out to folks you feel may be in need for the next few days due to the extreme hot weather, and keep yourself hydrated as well. We’re not acclimated for this kind of temperature. Watch for pets and/or children left unattended in vehicles. We read stories of them perishing needlessly; please stay vigilant. Watch out for seniors and the disabled – please consider checking in on them to make sure they’re OK. If you’re without a home or have friends who are, please see if they can get inside a cool building during the day and early evening, such as a library or store. I’ve known folks who kept spray bottles of water with them to spritz themselves with so the breeze can help bring their temp down. Mostly – watch out for your fellow human being. Keep your cell phone charged in case you or you see someone who is in trouble, and need to call for help.