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  1. It’s sometimes funny why we end up on any part of the web… one thing leads to another and soon you’re distanced from an original intent. I came here, eventually, after originally checking the spelling of sedentary at thefreedictionary.com – “sedentary” referenced “barnacle” which made me interested to see what a barnacle looked like so I typed a Google search for images of them, one of which referenced this site. I want to thank you for posting the image of a barnacle-encrusted red rock crab, and that the barnacles could be eaten as well… I had no idea they could nor what they’d taste like ;D

  2. You know a crab has been well travelled with lots of barnacles and bits attached, its also a great indicator of size/maturity and probably a strong taste. Make a perfect potted crab pate from the brown meat.

    Where was this? What time of year also

    1. Thanks for the comment and question JohnWS. The red rock crab in the pic was found during a beach exploration at Point White on the southwest side of Bainbridge Island, June 15 (2011). I lack a highly discerning palate but will have to do some taste testing of crabs with different amounts of adornment next time I have some side by side. Got a favorite process or seasonings for your pate?

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