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No stripes for 2 small NK roads

The in basket: Marja Bjarnson says, “I have a question that’s been bugging me for a weeks. My parents live on Virginia Point Road (in North Kitsap) and the county paved their road and nearby Pearson Point Road over two months ago. But, neither road has been lined.

“My parents have lived there for 28 years and the road has always been lined. Is the county planning on painting the lines or leaving it as is (or did they just forget to come back and line it)?

The out basket: It’s a common question , so much so that I addressed it a few weeks ago, dealing with Harris Road in South Kitsap.

The answer then, and now, is “The only mandates we have for striping are on paved urban arterials and collectors with traffic volumes of 6,000 cars per day.  (Federal standards state) that urban arterials and collectors with 4,000 vehicles per day and rural arterials and collectors with 3,000 vehicles or more per day should be striped.

“The ‘should’ statement doesn’t make it mandatory to stripe these roads, but we do stripe them. We can also stripe roads for other reasons such as road alignment, collision history or parking conflicts.  For the most part we don’t stripe 30 mph or less posted speed limit, local access roads.”

Harris Road doesn’t meet those standards and both Virginia and Pearson Point roads have even less traffic, the county says. They’ll be left unstriped.

Standards may have been different when they were striped in the past.