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Transit still working on new East Bremerton transfer station

The in basket: Michael Drouin writes, “As we were sitting at the intersection of Sylvan and Wheaton Way, watching the chaos emerging from the Kitsap Bank parking lot, we couldn’t help but wonder whatever became of the grand plan to move the Kitsap Transit transfer station to the defunct lumber yard at Hollis and Wheaton Way.”

The out basket: John Clauson, executive director of Kitsap Transit, says, “We still have the need to develop a better transfer center, and the old Parker Lumber site is more than likely the location.

“Having said that, we are exploring the possibility of doing a joint development project that could include more than just a transfer center.  Once we have determined these other potential uses, we will proceed with searching for partners.”

Transit has acquired the old Parker Lumber site, just north of the existing transfer station at Wheaton Mall, he said. “We are not in a big hurry to move out of the Wheaton Mall but our concern is that we could be asked to vacate with little notice, like what happen to us at the Kitsap Mall, and we would not have a place to move to.

“Although (the joint development project) could include retail we are more thinking like some type of living complex that would fit well with a transit center. It could include a joint parking area that could support our Park & Ride needs while responding to others’ parking needs.

“We are limited to just how far we could move before we would need to make major adjustments to our schedules for the east side service. Moving to the Parker Lumber site would require us to make some changes to the service.”

The traffic signal at the Hollis Street intersection would be upgraded from the existing three-way signal to a full four-way signal to provide the buses a safe way in and out of the Parker site if that is finally chosen, he said.

Parking puzzle at new Silverdale transfer station

The in basket:    Greg Mulver says he went to pick up his legally blind uncle as the man  arrived on a Kitsap Transit bus from Kingston at the recently relocated Silverdale transfer station.

As he sat in his car waiting, he said, a transit employee, possibly the driver of a different bus, approached him  and said he wasn’t allowed to be parked where he was. He didn’t see any better spot, he said, and wondered what people in cars waiting for a bus to arrive are expected to do.

The out basket: John Clauson, who is stepping up to Transit’s top sport, says, “The transfer

center at Greaves Way was not designed to accommodate a waiting area for

private vehicles to park and wait for bus passengers. Unfortunately, as

we were pressed for time in finding an alternative to our location at

the Kitsap Mall,  the site was not developed with vehicle parking in mind.

“There have been times when I have watched the transfer operation at this

location,” he said.  “In doing so, I’ve parked on the west side of the road, where

there are two paved ‘fingers.’  This is out of the way of the buses, and

would seem to be the only alternative.”