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Slide cleanup to close Tracyton Beach Road

The in basket: I was motoring along Tracyton Beach Road the other day and came upon some orange cones on the landward side, then saw that they marked what appeared to have been a fairly impressive rock slide. A huge boulder and some smaller ones were on what little shoulder exists there.

I asked if the slide was recent and if if the hill, which appears to be all rock under a thin layer of soil, was stable. 

The out basket: Colen Corey, acting operations manager for Bremerton Public Works, says, “Yes, there was a slide there Thanksgiving week. We moved the rocks to the shoulder of the road until we received conformation that the slope was stable. 

“Currently, we are scheduling a road closure for clean-up and also

some minor grading to enhance storm water flow through the area. As you

can tell, traffic control through this area is somewhat of a nightmare,

so we are engaged in careful planning to minimize the disruption to the