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Is 25 cents added to everyone’s toll during bridge lanes closure?

The in basket: When an e-mail rolled in on July 24 saying all traffic crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that night would have to pass through the toll plaza while work was done on the through lanes where windshield mounted transponders play a large roll in toll collection, it took me back a few weeks.

That’s when I was reminded, for a column about how locals can pay for their guests’ tolls, that transponders can’t be read at the toll plaza. License plate tolling, the other option in the through lanes, does work there, but adds 25 cents to the toll.

I asked Annie Johnson of the Good to Go! toll collection office if everyone has to pay the extra 25 cents if they cross the bridge during the 9 p.m. to 4 p.m. closure of the mainline.

The out basket: No, Annie said, though, the extra 25 cents will show up on the Good to Go! accounts that can be viewed online shortly after the crossing.

Their computers cross-match license plates captured during the closure with the Good to Go! data base and reverse the 25-cent charge for this with transponders, she said.

“If a Good To Go! customer hasn’t added (or updated) the license plate on their account they may receive a toll bill in the mail,” Annie added. “This is another reason it’s important to keep your license plate and other information updated on your account.

“If this happens, the customer can call customer service, have the license plate added to their account and the toll deducted from their account.”

“We have a video that explains how electronic tolling works that might be of interest to you and your readers,” Annie added. ” It explains how it works and how we generate pass, Pay By Plate and Pay By Mail transactions. You can check it out at http://youtu.be/IX0rFjPuNV4.”

That site also has a link to the historic film of the 1940 collapse of the original Narrows Bridge in a wind storm.

When I was a kid, we had to wait for an occasional showing of the film on the TV show “You Asked for It,” hosted by Art Baker, as I recall. Now it’s available 24/7 on the Web.