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Pot holes near Silverdale Post Office to be repaired soon

The in basket: Several readers have asked about the pot holes they’ve had to cross in order to mail a letter in the drive-up blue boxes at the Silverdale Post Office.

“We would like to know who is responsible for filling in the ‘sinkholes’ in the side street by the Silverdale Post Office,” wrote Mary Whitmer. “Coming out of the parking lot or getting to the outside drop box is a hazard for our vehicles.   Hopefully, this is already on someone’s radar and is scheduled for repair.”

“The potholes are large and deep – someone or something is gonna get hurt,” said Ed, who didn’t want his last name used. He said he contacted Kitsap County, but the reply was “not our problem.”

“We asked the postal clerk to see how the pot hole could be repaired and he told us to contact the City of Bremerton,” said an e-mail co-signed by Bill and Kathy Holland. “These pot holes have been like that for over a month. Could you help with their repair ?”

Gail Mustonen added her concern about the same problem just this Monday.

The out basket: It was not the county’s problem because the street is private, never turned over to the county. The city of Bremerton has nothing to do with it.

There evidently has been some passing back and forth of the responsibility. But Don Morris of Seattle, who says he manages the building across the alley from the post office for the corporation that owns it, says they have asked for bids on the repair and it should be done in the next week or two. He wouldn’t get into details about what will be done, beyond saying previous attempts to repair the pot holes haven’t lasted and they’re looking for a more permanent fix.

Postal patrons won’t be the only ones relieved to have the holes filled.  Paul Long of the Meineke store across the alley said he won’t let his employees drive customers’ vehicles that way, for fear the wheel rims might get bent.