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Beach Drive seawall work hard to spot

The in basket: There has been for several weeks an intriguing entry on the weekly Road Report from Kitsap County Public Works which alerts citizens to where they may find road work in the way that week.

It says ,”Beach Drive (between Hillcrest Drive to Woods Road) Crews are doing seawall maintenance in this area Monday through Friday. Flaggers will assist motorists through the work area. Delays of up to 10 minutes can be expected in the immediate vicinity of the work.”

Knowing the enormity of the seawall work on the Seattle waterfront, and never having seen such a project listed on previous Road Reports, I was curious to see what it looked like. But as I drove between Hillcrest and Woods, I couldn’t spot anything out of the ordinary except reconstruction of the Waterman Dock. I asked if that was it.

The out basket: Jacques Dean, county road superintendent, replied, “There were three sites between Hillcrest and Woods where the county did bulkhead repairs.  You can identify them by the straw mulch that has been placed on the road shoulder for erosion control.  “The Port of Waterman was performing dock demolition and wall repairs during the same timeframe that our crews were in the area.”