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–Isn’t one pedestrian sign on Schold Road enough?

The in basket: Kathy Anderson, with her tongue in her cheek, I suspect, asked about what seemed to her to be duplication of signs on Schold Road north of Silverdale.

“I live close to and walk the Clear Creek Trail frequently,” she said. “Could you ask the appropriate culprits why, in addition to the sign which clearly shows a pedestrian, they felt the need to add an additional sign stating PEDESTRIANS ON PAVEMENT?  Was it just in case the pedestrians were, in fact, monkeys hanging from trees?  Love your column.”

The out basket: The sign with the picture of a pedestrians is intended to let drivers know pedestrians may be crossing the road or along the shoulder.

Doug Bear, spokesman for Kitsap County Public Works, says, “This section of road was delineated to provide a pedestrian/bicycle path. The sign indicates pedestrians are actually on the road surface, not just adjacent to or near the road. Pedestrians do not have a separated or protected area to walk along the road.”

Schold Road speeders alarm dog walkers

The in basket: Brenda Byrd and Kim Callender would like to see something done to make walks with their dogs on dead-end Schold Road next to the Silverdale dog park safer.

“A lot of people travel down that road on foot,” Brenda said. “People also drive down that road to the dead end and turn around. Without fail, the people in their vehicles feel they need to speed down that road.

“My girl friend and I were wondering if a sign of some sort could be put up right where the Clear Creek Trail begins warning vehicles to SLOW DOWN; DEAD END; BEWARE OF DOGS AND PEDESTRIANS.

I know people live down that road to the right of the trail; people also like to park along the side of the road up by where the houses are but my goodness, is it really necessary to SPEED down that road?”

Kim, the friend Brenda mentions, says, “A dead end sign, no turn around, should be posted on the road right before the solid white line that outlines the trail. This would keep everyone safe.

The out basket: It’s surprising that there would be much traffic of any kind, let alone speeders on Schold past the dog park. It dead ends and there’s nowhere to go. Maybe the speeders think it’s a short cut to the freeway and find themselves even later than they thought they were when they have to double back.

Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works said County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea happened upon Brenda and Kim while checking out the situation on Schold in response to their suggestion.

“He let them know that we’ll take a look at it and see what we can do,” Doug said.