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Reader has an idea for Suquamish Way and 305

The in basket: Ingvar Carlson e-mailed about the congestion where Suquamish Road intersects Highway 305 in front of the Clearwater Hotel/Casino in North Kitsap and says, “I  have  heard chatter about the state and the county installing  a roundabout at  this intersection.

“If this is in the  books, I have seen some roundabouts in Washington where a separate outer lane is installed, separate from the roundabout, that allows a free-flowing right turn. This system would is best for the round-about at this location,” he said.

The out basket: I think those outer lanes are called “slip lanes,” and one can see them at the main roundabout at Burnham Drive along Highway 16 in Gig Harbor.

Claudia Bingham-Baker of the Olympic Region of state highways, says, “The 2012 Legislature provided $750,000 and a proviso to WSDOT to consider alternatives and start design on a project to improve mobility at the SR 305/Suquamish Way intersection.

“We have been studying potential alternatives, one of which is a roundabout,” she said. “We are finalizing the preferred solutions and expect a final decision on the best option to be made by the end of summer.

“In the meantime, we are sharing our alternatives with various stakeholders and we continue to solicit their comments. We also plan to hold a public open house in the future to share the information. Once a final alternative is chosen, we can then start the design of that alternative.  (But) we have no construction funds at present.”

Ingvar can go to that open house to make a pitch for a roundabout with slip lanes.