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Chico Way patching is prep work for 2015 overlay

The in basket: Sam Watland read the recent column about plans for restoring Silverdale streets when the current water main replacement is finished and said, “Streets restored to ‘county standards’ isn’t saying much. The patching of Chico Way has recently been done by the county road crew and the road is rougher now than before the repair.

“The edges of the patches are not sealed and are already crumbling. Yesterday was a dry and relatively sunny day with no road crew around so they must be finished.

“Whoever the county inspector is needs to update the county standards and get out on the county roads,” he said. “I would be happy to take him/her for a ride in my Toyota pickup if their kidneys are able to take a beating.”

The out basket: The work Sam sees isn’t finished, says Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works, though it’ll be like that for several months.

“The work he describes is pre-level work, the precursor to overlay or chip sealing road work,” said Doug.

“Pre-leveling and full-depth patching is done to resolve deficiencies in the roadway such as severe alligator cracking, potholes and localized settlement, or to restore roadway cross slope to ensure adequate surface water runoff from the traveled way.

“This work is done up to a year prior to the overlay based on equipment and crew availability and the paving schedule. The road surface on Chico Way is scheduled for an asphalt overlay next year late spring or summer.”

This year’s prep work is complete , he said, but they’ll take a look at it to see if some of the patches aren’t sealed, as Sam suggests.

Half of Ogle Road repaved, what about other half?


The in basket: Cheryl Berger was perplexed in mid-June by what looked like a shabby paving job on the northernmost stretch of Ogle Road in Brownsville and e-mailed me for an explanation.

It turned out the work was what is called pre-leveling for a full repaving, and that was done the day after she wrote to me. 

But that left her with another question. “Do you think they’re going to do the southern half (south of Madison)?  I mean, its pretty ratty, too,” she said.

The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works, replies, “The portion south of there is in better condition than what we paved and did not rank high enough among priorities to get overlaid this year.

“We look at all roads each season to determine how best to utilize the limited funding available for paving. The portion south will be considered for paving next summer,” he said.