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Where will gas be available in long power outages?


The in basket: Bob Edwards proposed at a recent meeting of the Manchester public safety group that meets each Tuesday morning that legislation is needed to require that gas stations be ready with generators to pump gas in a prolonged power outage.

Not only will drivers need fuel to get around, but people with generators will need to refuel as the outage drags on. 

I told him I’d ask the county’s Department of Emergency Management what it knows about the subject.

The out basket: Phyllis Mann, head of the county’s DEM, said some stations have made themselves generator-ready, but she has no list of which ones. She will be trying to create such a list and asks that any service station that is prepared to operate during power outages tell her so at dem@co.kitsap.wa.us or (360) 307-5870.

In the meantime, she encouraged gasoline customers to ask at the stations where they fill up whether the stations’  equipment will run on a generator and whether they expect to have one in service if the power goes out. 

Politically, she’s reluctant to be directing buyers to particular service stations and interfering with private enterprise, she said, so will decide what to do with her list at the time of an outage. How long it is likely to last will be a key criteria. She’ll put it on the DEM Web site when she decides it’s warranted.

She is unaware of any campaign, past or present, to pass a law requiring stations to be generator-ready, she said.

The DEM Web site is at www.kitsapdem.org. No later than Nov. 15, the site will have a streaming video on generator and carbon monoxide safety, a partnership program with Puget Sound Energy, she said. It will join other videos that already are there on various other emergency preparations.



Three more issues at Silverdale interchange

The in basket: Gary Jones writes to say, “I’m wondering why the state hasn’t required the contractor of the new highway 3 and 303 interchange to clean up the rest of their construction materials?
“The cones along both sides of Highway 3 and along Highway 303 entering the interchange, along with all of the signs and other debris at the retention pond are such an eyesore. The weeds are even starting to take over some of the cones.”
Leroy McVay of Poulsbo has a different issue with the interchange, betting me $5 that the backup system to keep the traffic signals working in a power outage will consist of batteries. “Remind them the lights go to four-way red flashing and the batteries are only good for about three or four hours,” he wrote.

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