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President Polk, meet President Taylor

The in basket: Patricia, who omitted her last name, e-mailed to say, “My son and I live in a rental on Taylor Street in Port Orchard. Half of the very short street is paved and maintained.  We live on the lower part of the street designated (from what I have been told) as a ‘private’ street and is not maintained.

“If you were to travel on our section you’d agree that this has to be one of the worst streets in Kitsap County,” she said. “We have poured gravel/rock into the countless huge potholes but they quickly disappear with usage.

“My landlord pays taxes on the property — why won’t the county maintain it?  Help!”

The out basket: Her description reminded me of the condition of the unpaved stretch of Polk Street near Manchester, the subject of a January 2011 Road Warrior column.

Once I determined that Patricia’s Taylor Street wasn’t the one that’s actually in Port Orchard, I went looking for it and found that its issues not only are shared by Polk Street, they’re only about two blocks apart. They’re just two of several streets intersecting California Avenue named after some of our less illustrious presidents.

As with Polk, the nearly undrivable part of Taylor was created without being built to county standards, and the county won’t assume responsibility for its maintenance until it meets them. Doing so would cost a lot of money and where it gets done, it’s usually as a local improvement district overseen by the county and paid for by county-collected assessments.

Until then, the residents bear the burden of dealing with its failures.

I revisited Polk as long as I was in the area, and it looked like someone have applied a fairly serviceable layer of crashed rock to a short stretch of its unpaved area. But the rest still rivaled the end of Taylor Street for mud holes that require slow speed and nimble maneuvering to avoid challenging one’s wheel alignment.