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Reader finds rush hour road job ill-timed

The in basket: Pete Wimmer of Silverdale e-mailed me on July 31 to say, “This morning coming in to work, a road crew (don’t know if it was city, county or state) was in the process of taking up the old crosswalk stripes at the corner of National and Loxie Eagans (in Bremerton). I can fully understand that it needs to be clearly marked for the school, but 6:30 a.m. is not the time.

“Now mind you that the backup was minimal, in the big picture of things, Loxie Eagans to the northbound Highway 3 on-ramp light, but to have started it after 7:30 might have been better.”

The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works says it was a county crew and it wasn’t starting early, it was finishing late.

“Our crews completed that work as part of an overnight work assignment of several intersections like that one,” he said. “The crew you saw working there was actually finishing up their overnight work projects and felt they could get that particular intersection done that morning. We usually try to wrap up overnight work by 6 o’clock but since the crew was out there they felt it would be efficient to get it done while they were in the area.

“We do try to minimize disruptions to traffic and don’t usually work during the rush hour.”

I hadn’t realized that the county had taken a page from state contract crews in doing road work at night. I asked how common it was.

“During the summer months we shift a crew to overnight work to focus on intersection and crosswalk striping as well as thermoplastic applications,” Doug said. “This minimizes the impact on motorists due to the lower traffic volumes.”

Thermoplastic is the material used in pavement arrows and many crosswalks and is melted onto the asphalt surface in lieu of paint.


Who’s filling up National Avenue post office parking?

The in basket: Kathy Dulaney said on Jan. 6, “This morning there were 22 cars in the parking lot in front of the post

office (on National Avenue in Bremerton) and no customers inside.  The other day I counted 22 cars and four customers in the parking lot.  Is that a designated Park and Ride?”

“I have been there when I couldn’t even find a spot to park and there were very few

customers inside,” Kathy said.

The out basket: What Kathy sees is the result of the Dec. 1 consolidation of mail carrier activities, shifting all the carriers from the Sylvan Way Post Office in East Bremerton to the National Avenue site, says Postmaster Sandra Sadak.

She has had to let some of the relocated carriers use the front lot, she said. 

Still, there should always be 22 public spots plus two disabled spaces available, she said. About 15 carrier cars use the front lot. 

When the weather improves, she added, the back lot of that post office will be reconfigured to hold more of the carriers’ cars. She isn’t sure if that can completely eliminate the need for some carrier parking in front. 

She’s seen no sign that anyone is turning the front lot into an impromptu park and ride, she said. It’s certainly not a designated one.


Long backups in Loxie Eagans rush


The in basket: Bernie Strub,, who works in the shipyard in Bremerton, wrote to say that the traffic westbound on Loxie Eagans Boulevard at National Avenue was backing up badly during the afternoon rush between 4 and 4:30 p.m. as workers like him head home and line up at the traffic signal. 

It could mean a wait of three or four cycles through the green lights before he got through, with only about 10 seconds of green each time, he said. He didn’t notice the problem on the other three legs of the intersection or at other times of the day.

The out basket: The problem may have been corrected by now, and Jeff Shea, Kitsap County’s traffic engineer, thanks Bernie for bringing it to their attention. Jeff said on Dec. 4, that one of the traffic detectors in the pavement at the intersection had failed, and they had been unaware of it. “We’ve done a fix to remedy this problem,” he said. “We will be monitoring it to see if the fix is working.”

If it isn’t, that can be reported to the county’s Open Line (now being called Kitsap-One) at (360) 337-5777, as can any other problem a person suspects on a Kitsap County road.