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Why are there both DV and disabled parking license plates?

The in basket: Garland Freymann writes, “I am a Vietnam 100 percent disabled amputee veteran with Washington “DV” license plates that are given by the state with no renewal fees. I also have a disabled placard. In a cost-cutting measure for the state, why do I still have to prove by the placard that I am qualified to park in a handicapped parking zone? We could save money by not having to produce these and allow the same privilege as handicapped plates.”

The out basket: Brad Benfield of the Department of Licensing says, “The Disabled American Veteran (DV) license plates are different from the plates issued to people with disabilities that enable them to use parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

“They were created in different sections of state law, for different purposes, and with different qualification requirements. It is true that many of our veterans who have DV plates also qualify for disabled parking privileges, but that isn’t automatically the case.

“To qualify for Disabled American Veteran license plates, a veteran must provide proof of honorable or medical discharge and a 100 percent service-connected disability. The advantage of this type of registration is an exemption from annual renewal fees.

“To quality for Disabled Parking license plates, a person has to present  a medical certificate signed by a medical professional with a determination that the individual has one of the specific medical conditions detailed in state law.  The advantage of this type of plate is, of course, the use of parking reserved for people with disabilities.”

“Your reader’s suggestion makes sense,” Brad said, “but the bottom line is that the conditions which may cause a veteran to be disabled can be far different from the conditions that qualify a person for disabled parking privileges (and the associated plates and placards).

“We have to keep them separate because there are conditions that may result in a 100 percent military disability that would not qualify an individual for disabled parking. Also, there are many conditions that would qualify a veteran for disabled parking that would not qualify them for DV plates.”